Seafood Entrees

Seafood Entrees
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Conti's Baked Salmon by Contis
Norwegian pink salmon baked with our very own topping, served with buttered vegetables and paella rice. (INDIVIDUAL SERVING)
Grilled Salmon Head by Contis
Served with vegetable roll and japanese fried rice.
Herb Crusted Fillet of Fish by Contis
Served with apple potato salad and buttered corn rice. (INDIVIDUAL SERVING)
Parmesan Fish Fillet with Parsley Sauce
Served with buttered vegetables and almond pilaf. (INDIVIDUAL SERVING)
Salmon Salpicao by Contis
Served with buttered corn rice and apple potato salad. (INDIVIDUAL SERVING)
Seafood Au Gratin by Contis
Fillet of fish with assorted seafood sauce, topped with melted cheese, served over garlic rice. (INDIVIDUAL SERVING)
Seafood Kare Kare w/ Steamed Rice by Contis
(Good for 12 - 15 person)
Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso
Served with vegetable roll and steamed rice.