Max's Merienda

Max's Merienda
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Arroz Caldo by Max's
Simply irresistible! Rice porridge with a tender leg or thigh of chicken, topped with garlic, egg slices and spring onion.
Pancit Luglug Solo by Max's
A Pinoy classic recipe with a twist. Al dente noodles in luglug sauce topped with Max's Lechon Kawali, chicharon, sauteed shrimp and egg slices. Good for 1 person
Seafood Lomi by Max's
A delightful mix of squid and shrimp laced with strips of shiitake and wood ear mushroom in a steaming seafood stock.
Tofu Con Lechon by Max's
Crisp-tender Max's Tofu and Lechon Kawali, dipped in a spiced soy-vinegar sauce.