Guide On Sending Flower Delivery For Different Occasions

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If you are not a flower-savvy, you don’t know how to choose the appropriate flowers for sending on different occasions? And also you don’t have any idea about what type of flowers have meant that you want to convey? With so many options available out there in the market, it becomes a daunting task to choose the right one to send and if you don’t have the knowledge about flowers then it becomes very impossible for you. But with the guidance, you can turn this impossible to “I am possible” and can send the flower delivery in Cebu to your loved ones.

There are many flower selections for different occasions to choose and with the help of below guide you can do better.

As for every job, there is a right tool, similarly, for every occasion, there is a right flower.


When going on the date for the first time do something special, send her the flowers before you reach to her. The first date flower should be overwhelming and happy-like flowers. Tulips, orchids, and dandelions are not the for the occasion. If you have some feelings and want to express right away, then red roses will be the best option for a new start.

Valentine’s day-

Want to ask your lady love or your man for the Valentine Eve, then make sure to send the flowers which show some elegance and love. Shades of pink, red and yellow show different meaning if you want to share all colors of your life with your partner, send her/him a bunch of flowers mixed in colors of red, shades of pink and yellow. Purple roses signify the enchantment in the budding couple, it is the perfect follower to send your love on Valentine’s Day to send the flower delivery in Cebu.

Anniversary celebration-

What will you do when you both are apart because of work or anything? Still, you can make this day beautiful and memorable. You can send the flower along with the cute anniversary gifts at your spouse house. For the spring celebration choose the peach blossom, different shades of pink are a perfect choice. If your spouse particularly loves some kind of flowers, then it can be an easy task for you to choose.

Get well soon flowers-

The first question comes to the mind about giving flowers to patients is at which place they currently are? If they are in the hospital, flowers should not be overly fragrant. If you want to give see the happy face of the patient by seeing the flowers, you can send tulips and iris for filling the boring ward into a happy moment. If they are at home, you can send yellow flowers as marigold or daffodils, as the color present the rebirth, bright and cheerful. However, avoid yellow daylilies because they are related to funerals.

Funeral flowers-

As mentioned above, yellow daylily represents as for the peace for the soul who is no more with us and is therefore often found at funerals.

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